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Lead Vocalist: Carol Lyne as "The Wild Cat"

Yes! They call me "The Wild Cat" because I'm out of control. I run, growl, scratch and bite. So keep your gloves on! I'm just messing with you. The truth is, I'm a hard worker. When I want to achieve something, I do it with a lot of enthusiasm and passion! This quality of mine has already brought me so much joy on stage.

I was 27 years old when I first began performing. I've been on stages all over Belgium. Mostly at Country events, but also at bars, markets and festivals. Very soon I added Rock 'n' Roll and Rock to my existing playlist. I wrote some songs and published two singles so far.

After 15 years of performing I decided that it was time for something else. The Carol Lyne Band was born.

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Drums: Arno as "The Hammer"

It all began really early. I think I was just able to walk when I used my parent's kitchen tools to beat the hell out of everything. After a long time of destroying the kitchen tools and buckets my parents decided it was enough. No need to explain where my nickname originated. The word "Hammer" says it all!

I started playing the drums when I was 14 years old. My parents finally bought me my first drumkit and I had some private lessons by Piƫrre Mous, a famous drummer, for several years.

A few years later, at the age of 17, I played the drums for "Part-Time", a band that consisted of friends from school. We made music together for 10 whole years. After "Part-Time" I also played in other bands such as "X-Cept" and "The Boar's Head House Band". But I was also available for any other bands that needed a drummer.

Now I found myself a nice band that consists of very entertaining and talented musicians.

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Lead Guitar: Marco as "The Teleman"

I started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 12. Soon also on a white imitation telecaster. Then the thunder began... Neighbors yelling: "Put the volume down!", hell no!

Throughout the years I've played a lot of different music genres and to this day I still love to make new developments and discoveries about music and techniques. Especially what the power of the tone and a good sound concerns. After a night of rehearsing or performing I'm fully regenerated and ready for another week of work. I also have a lot of stage experience, so I don't have stage fright. Although, I like to stand very close to the emergency exit because of groupies!

I'm influenced by: Outlaws, Eagles, Clapton, Brent Mason, Mark Knopfler and many more.

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Rythm Guitar: Jurgen as "The WizKid"

The first time I was introduced to the guitar was in primary school. There I learned to make music during the afternoon breaks. In the following years I had lessons on the clasical guitar and modern guitar (light music), both acoustic and electric. In high school I played in several school bands in which I've experienced a lot of cool things like playing as a support act for "Normaal", a Dutch folk band, during their H.A.L.V.U. tour.

Of course, after I graduated I continued playing in different bands. This musical journey took me along bands like: Need, Red Label, Unit Five and In Persuit. Now I'm playing the rythm guitar for "The Carol Lyne Band".

Because I work in the IT-industry, I quickly got the nickname "The WizKid". Over the years I've extended this nickname into my music and performing life. My instruments hold secrets for me no more!

Thanks to my passion for making music and entertainment "The Carol lyne Band" came along. We bring a surprising mix of "All Kinds of Rock". I am inviting you all to experience our music one day!

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Bass: Frank as "The Gust"

A long time ago, at the age of 16, I started playing the bass in a quartet on "den Horendonk" in Essen. After many years of fun and jokes I joined the trio "Libell" what after a few years expanded with Emiele the lead guitarist and keyboardist. 7 years went by, and Emiele and I joined a 5 man group called "Bonus".

Not long after that we were asked to join "Country Fair" where we guided artists such as Father Abraham, Corrie and Albert West. And yeah, one thing leads to another. I ended up joining "La Mouche" where I had a nice and a busy, musical time.

After 8 years I joined a trio called "Trendline" from Tilburg what changed into a 2 man band for parties.

Now Emiele and I have a country band as a hobby. I love to make music, that's why I also joined another band with professional musicians called "The Carol Lyne Band".

I'm really proud of my Ampeg B25b Amplifier from 1969 and my Fender Precision from 1982 which plays flexible.

Meet the Band

We're a rock band of 5 members, and we all have a lot of experience with music and performing. Our band was founded on 13 May 2016 and we had our grand debute on 8 October 2016! We mainly do covers, but now that our playlist is as good as complete, we're also going to start with our own songs soon! Would you like to know more about the members of The Carol Lyne Band? Why not click on one of the members below to view their bio!