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Lead Guitarist

- this spot is only open for people who live in Belgium or Netherlands (this makes communicating and rehearsing easier)
- we're looking for a friendly, creative individual who isn't afraid to share his or her own ideas
- you need to have your own lead guitar and amplifier
- you need to be available for rehearsals, these happen mainly on Mondays in the evening from 7pm to 10pm
- you need to be able to pay your share of renting the rehearsal hall which is 5 euros every rehearsal
- there's an optional fee of 5 euros for beverages during the rehearsal, any leftover money will be added to the pot and will be used to advertise and buy equipment for the band

Some info about us:
We are a rock band of 4 friendly members at the moment who help each other out to achieve a great sound during performances. We play a mix of rock classics and recent rock songs that you can find on the playlist. We have everything needed to perform: a full installation, a sound technician, light, etc, so don't worry about that. As said before, we rehearse mainly on Mondays during the evening from 7pm to 10pm. Please keep in mind that we create music together only as a hobby. We do earn some money during performances but it's not enough to pay the bills. So if you're still interested in joining us please contact us using the information below, or visit the contact page.

Contact information:
- 0032 (0)497 72 79 24

Rehearsal hall address:
- Spaansemolenstraat 29, 2040 Antwerpen